River Trash: Big Problems, Small Solutions

Don’t be trash, pick it up instead!

The growing issue of trash in and around our waterways was brought to my attention in force a few weeks back while I was fishing with a buddy in the Kremmling area. We locked down a beautiful run, and began the conquest for a big trout with snow on the peaks behind us. The river, shoreline, and surrounding area were absolutely pristine. I tied on a size 22 red and black Juju Baetis that I had rushed off the vise late the night before, and looked for the first piece of promising water. In that moment I really couldn’t find anything wrong with my situation. … More River Trash: Big Problems, Small Solutions

Tailwater Tour

Break out the size 22’s and 6x, but be prepared for some serious studs. The Vail Valley area is in a perfect central location to get to some of the state’s best tailwaters. To the south/west you’ve got the Frying Pan and Taylor, and to the north/east you have your choice between the Blue and Williams Fork. There are a few others, but those four are my favorites. Spring runoff doesn’t have to cramp your fishing time thanks to these year-round trout sanctuaries. … More Tailwater Tour

The Other Obsession

Before getting involved in the fly fishing industry through Duranglers in the Summer of 2016 I was under the impression that fly tying was difficult and time consuming. I figured I could get more time on the water if I just bought my flies, whether that was from a fly shop or from a buddy who tied. It never occurred to me that it may be beneficial to not only my fishing, but my bug knowledge, fly identification, and stress. One day as I watched the other guys in the shop sit in the back and talk materials or funky flies I came to a simple conclusion. If I was going to advance and a fly fisherman, and in the industry, I need to plop down at the vise and see what it was all about. Between Jimmy, Andy, and Rob they got me up and running on worms and eggs for the shop bins. Needless to say it was about a week or so before anything coming off that vise was close to being worthy of selling to a customer. Throughout the summer all I did when it was slow or for half my lunch break was sit at that back table in Duranglers and tie worms and eggs. … More The Other Obsession

Everything’s Bigger in…Georgia?

Out West this, out West that; but out West isn’t the only place to put BIG fish in the bottom of your net. Being a college student breaks seem to be few and far between, especially when all you are capable of thinking about is putting a fly in front of a fish’s face. That leaves lots of time to tie, write, and plan trips to different places that trout call home. Rivers that aren’t finicky in early Spring are almost impossible to find around my usual stomping grounds. When I sat down to explore my spring time options I decided that tailwaters, 6x, and size 24 bugs were just not on the menu this March. A buddy and I had the bright idea of heading East when trying to solve our “problem” of where to toss a fly. Something we had never experienced before, and frankly knew close to nothing about. I was quickly drawn to the Northern tip of Georgia, more specifically Blue Ridge and the mountains that surround it. After all they say it’s the trout capital of the South. Will Taylor (@willtaylorproject) and Justin Pickett (@wickedjustinpickett), with Fly Shop Co. (@flyshopco) were the fishiest guys I could find East of the Mississippi. Countless emails, phone calls, and texts during the winter set our plan in stone. I started tying obsessively; which is always a tell tale sign I’m itching to get on the water. We were stoked to see what these new mountains and water had to offer. … More Everything’s Bigger in…Georgia?

The Public Legacy

Today, President’s Day, we want to pay tribute and thanks to a man who dedicated much of his time in office (and life) to our lands, water and the fish and wildlife that inhabit them. Theodore Roosevelt, fondly considered the conservation president, holds a special place in my heart, and the hearts of many, for creating some of our most vast expanses of public land all over the West. … More The Public Legacy

Destination Trout : Guadalupe River

When you think of Texas chances are your first thought is not rainbows in cold, clear water. Even being from San Antonio, Texas, only 45 minutes away from the river, it was never on the forefront of my mind. About 2 years ago I fished the Guadalupe for the first time. I immediately began realizing what I had been overlooking for so long. Having the rockies look down on you while casting a fly gives a special feeling that I’m lucky enough to get many months out of the year. I yearn for that feeling when I’m back home in San Antonio. Before I discovered the Guadalupe for myself I would try and satisfy my need for that feeling by sitting at my tying desk for hours on end, going through the social media of the fly fishing world, watching videos about bucket list destinations, and writing. I still do all of those things when I’m home, the difference now is I do them after I spend most of my day on the water in search of Texas rainbows. … More Destination Trout : Guadalupe River