Everything’s Bigger in…Georgia?

Out West this, out West that; but out West isn’t the only place to put BIG fish in the bottom of your net. Being a college student breaks seem to be few and far between, especially when all you are capable of thinking about is putting a fly in front of a fish’s face. That leaves lots of time to tie, write, and plan trips to different places that trout call home. Rivers that aren’t finicky in early Spring are almost impossible to find around my usual stomping grounds. When I sat down to explore my spring time options I decided that tailwaters, 6x, and size 24 bugs were just not on the menu this March. A buddy and I had the bright idea of heading East when trying to solve our “problem” of where to toss a fly. Something we had never experienced before, and frankly knew close to nothing about. I was quickly drawn to the Northern tip of Georgia, more specifically Blue Ridge and the mountains that surround it. After all they say it’s the trout capital of the South. Will Taylor (@willtaylorproject) and Justin Pickett (@wickedjustinpickett), with Fly Shop Co. (@flyshopco) were the fishiest guys I could find East of the Mississippi. Countless emails, phone calls, and texts during the winter set our plan in stone. I started tying obsessively; which is always a tell tale sign I’m itching to get on the water. We were stoked to see what these new mountains and water had to offer.


Photo by Will Taylor


To read the complete article head over to http://www.flylordsmag.com/single-post/2017/03/31/Big-Trout-Small-Water-Southern-Hospitality

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