Destination Trout : Guadalupe River

When you think of Texas chances are your first thought is not rainbows in cold, clear water. Even being from San Antonio, Texas, only 45 minutes away from the river, it was never on the forefront of my mind. About 2 years ago I fished the Guadalupe for the first time. I immediately began realizing what I had been overlooking for so long. Having the rockies look down on you while casting a fly gives a special feeling that I’m lucky enough to get many months out of the year. I yearn for that feeling when I’m back home in San Antonio. Before I discovered the Guadalupe for myself I would try and satisfy my need for that feeling by sitting at my tying desk for hours on end, going through the social media of the fly fishing world, watching videos about bucket list destinations, and writing. I still do all of those things when I’m home, the difference now is I do them after I spend most of my day on the water in search of Texas rainbows.IMG_1175

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